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    High Consistency Bleaching Tower


    ZGPT High Consistency Bleaching Tower is a device for hydrogen peroxide bleaching of wood pulp and other pulps (28% - 32%). The pulp and bleaching liquor are fully mixed in a high consistency mixer and then enter the bleaching tower. The pulp distributor at the top of the bleaching tower falls from the top of the tower. The pulp from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower takes two hours. The spiral discharge device is discharged into the storage tank to complete the high concentration hydrogen peroxide bleaching process. The tower top is equipped with a slurry distributor to reduce the natural angle of slurry accumulation; the bottom of the tower is equipped with a screw with equal pitch, equal outer diameter and variable shaft diameter, so as to ensure the slurry evenly falling on the various high section of the tower, thus ensuring the high concentration hydrogen peroxide bleaching workers. The retention time of each part of the tower remained basically the same. This equipment has the characteristics of advanced structure, reliable work, large production capacity, good bleaching effect, wide process adaptability, easy operation and maintenance.

    Product specification: 20-80m3