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    ZDNT series high speed washer


    The new high-speed pulp washing machine is a replacement product of pulp washing and concentrating equipment. It can be used for washing and concentrating waste paper deinked pulp with high efficiency of impurity removal, high dewatering efficiency and obvious water-saving effect.

    The equipment has high deinking efficiency for the small impurities such as ink ions and fillers in the slurry. It can be widely applied to the washing and concentration of recycled Newsprint Pulp and recycled paper pulp.

     Plasma concentration(%)0.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.20.8-1.2
     Pulping concentration(%)10-1210-1210-1210-1210-1210-1210-12
    Filter width(mm)547106714991930250030003500
    Motor power(kw)7.5111522303745