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    DD series double disc refiner


    Equipment features:

    After importing foreign technology for digestion and absorption, we have innovatively developed DD series double-disc pulping machine according to the original double-disc pulping machine produced by our company.

    This series of double-disc refining machine is widely used for beating straw pulp, waste paper pulp, hardwood pulp and coniferous pulp. It is equipped with manual and electric operation configuration to realize manual and electric operation, or with automatic control system to realize constant energy consumption control or constant power control mode of beating, so as to ensure stable beating effect.

    technical parameter

    Grinding disc diameter(mm)Φ500Φ550 Φ600Φ660
    Throughput(t/d)20-4030-60 40-8050-100
    Power range(kw)132-200160-250185-315280-355
    Slurry concentration(%)3-53-53-53-5