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    High speed tissue paper machine


    Products: toilet paper, tissue paper and other living paper base paper.

    Suitable raw materials: commercial wood pulp board, waste paper deinking pulp.

    Structural features: Korean HANSUNGENG company full flow bleaching sheet headbox

    Shotcreting shaper of Korea HANSUNGENG company

    650 roller press

    3660 x 3500 Yankee dryer

    Horizontal 1100mm drum paper reel

    Breathing type hot air hood

    Technical parameters: quantitative range: 13-40g/m2

    Width of net paper: 3000mm

    Working speed: 400-550m/min

    Design speed: 600m/min

    Crawling speed: 25m/min

    Dynamic balancing speed: 650m/min

    Transmission mode: sectional drive and AC frequency conversion control.

    Gauge: 4100mm

    Layout: layouts, left or right mobile phones.

    Nominal yield: 20-25t/d